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Singer/songwriter Tina Schouw has released her third album, ‘Wind’s Call’. Her music and lyrics tell about her personal journey of connection to the self, humanity and life. The songs are layered with textures of pop, bossa, folk and jazz, which is the watermark of her writing. This intimate album of beautiful compositions, will linger long after the playing has ended. Produced by Mark Fransman and co-produced by Tina Schouw.

There’s something beautifully unpretentious and honest about Tina Schouw’s latest album, Winds Call/ While it’s a lyrically optimistic journey, Schouw’s sensitive words and delicate vocal styling bestow just the slightest hint of melancholy.
The album features six studio and five live tracks. The live tracks, ranging from folk to bossa, feature simpler textures that allow Schouw’s sublime voice to take centre stage. Recorded with a live audience, the songs at times have a certain spontaneity and humour. A song like Tell them, on the other hand, about a suicide of a Zimbabwean refugee during the 2008 xenophobic attacks, leaves the audience and the listener noticeably overwhelmed.
Schouw’s simple and penetrating approach requires the most thoughtful and respectful handling in the studio and one would be hard-pressed to find a better arranger and co-producer than Mark Fransman. Ultimately, Schouw’s message is positive and life affirming and she shows us, as only the great artists can, the melancholic beauty of our humanity. Must listen track: In This Moment Now

– Dirk Meerkotter (Big Issue)


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