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In 2002 I welcomed our son Mika into the world. I hummed simple melodies to him each night which over time became full-fledged songs. At five years old my son was hungry for songs to sing, so I gave myself the challenge of recording this collection. These gentle songs embrace experiences common to mothers and children around the world. The English and Xhosa songs are based on stories and phenomena familiar to us. The songs have universal appeal reflecting our common humanity. The folktales of the /Xam, Halleys Comet, the magic of the Milky Way, The Beautiful Moon and her entourage of dazzling stars all play a major part in the essence of this CD. It is an album lovingly put together for the child in all of us to wonder and marvel at. They are songs for soothing, melodies for unwinding, delicious tunes to delight in and lullabies to bring the night in. This gift to my son is now our gift to you.

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Tina’s Schouw’s latest contribution to the musical world is an enchanting collection of melodies designed for children, but can be thoroughly enjoyed by the grown-ups as well. The Goodnight Songs was inspired by the arrival of Tina’s son. When there just weren’t enough recordings of South African lullabies for parents of the not quite so musically inclined to play to their tiny tots, Tina decided to help them out by lending them some of her musical inclination. I’ve never been a fan of music made for kids. Even when I was a kid, the inanity of “The Alphabet Song” annoyed me, and the patronising tone, which would undoubtedly come through in the tone of the artist insulted me. Tina is different. Her joyful, crystalline voice smiles through the delicately pretty acoustic guitar. The simple lyrics are easily accessible for kids, but not so annoyingly simple that the parents have to leave the room. She has managed to keep all of her jazz singing class while being as undemanding as a lullaby. In fact I found myself allowing the tension of the long week drain out of my shoulders as I listened to Tina singing about “Halley’s Comet” and I almost drifted into a lala land of my own. The album ranges from the happy and bouncy “Hambo Lala” to a sparkly slumber with “Beautiful Moon” and then to curiously charming with “What’s the moon made of?” And “Things that go bump” gave me a warm, nostalgic feeling; strange for a song I’d never heard before. It would by silly to list every song on the album as a stand out track, but that’s how I feel. This album is flawless. No, actually there is one flaw – It wasn’t around when I was a kid.

Must listen Track: The Goodnight Song

– Zoë Davis (Levi’s Magazine)

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