I am a heartist and healer. I love weaving words and music with their inherent power to make connections to the heart of healing. I am a singer/guitarist; avid writer; word & song-crafter; holder of spaces and inspirational mirror. I am a natural voice practitioner and enjoy exploring the voice as a tool for the free expression of emotions and experiences, to embody and come to our healing.

I am a love revolutionist, a vision-board maker; a secret doodler and dancer; a lover of solitude, and of human connection; a lover of all sentient beings and nature.

I believe in the divine essence inherent in each of us that guides us into becoming fully who we are. I am passionate about working with youth and women, and helping them recognise and celebrate who they are and who they can be.


Tina Schouw is a singer/ songwriter /musician and author. Her song writing is an eclectic blend of musical styles, which include Folk, Latin, Jazz, and Pop. From 1987 to 1991, she performed abroad, at the invitation of the Anti Apartheid Movements in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden. Her original material then, was steeped in socio-political commentary. After 1994 her song writing took a more personal turn and focused on her personal reflections on love, life and humanity. During the early 90’s she performed in various Broadway revues musical theatre productions in South Africa.  She played the lead role of Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Super Star; Lady Thiang in The King and I. Since 1996 she has produced her own shows, showcasing her original material, performing at various South African theatre and music venues including Artscapes and the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town; PACT in Pretoria; Market Theatre in Joburg and the Playhouse Theatre in Durban.
She has performed at the Cape Town International Jazz festival; the Grahamstown Festival and the Voorkamer Festival in Darling. In September 2008 she performed at the “Royale Theatre Carre,” in the Netherlands. She has released two adult CD’s and one children’s CD, all which feature her original material. She has also published three children’s books. She is currently She continues to enjoy performing and is currently collating her Songbook, Volumes One and Two, which comprises of her Socio-Political Commentary Songs and her Jazz  Songs respectively, which she plans to publish and launch in 2024.


“I believe in the gift of music, that knows this one certainty,
how to pierce us like an arrow straight through the heart”.