my heart is filled with a thousand stars
that will not sleep tonight
their song of praise
against the black board of sky
piercing holes through which the light shines
showering crystal words
that fall like holy water
washing me
cleansing me
reminding me
that i am
i am incomparable

robust words like loyal friends
collect my broken limbs
and gently bind me whole again
wrapping me
cushioning me
in soft cotton bandages
forming me anew
making me magnificent

warrior words swift like arrows
hit their mark bulls-eye
severing the ties of lies
that bound me to the untruth
that i am not worthy

words like diamonds
sharp as blades
cut deep at the tangled roots of my fear
releasing an ancient well of tears
which surge and gush and push and roar
forming pools in the black holes of my eyes
they overflow their banks
they spill their guts
their echoes rise into the sky
like birds they fly
then fall and fall
down my cheeks

burning rivers
as my heart reconnects
and speaks its forgotten language
remembering the sweetness of my soul’s mother tongue

burning rivers down my cheeks
as my heart renews it’s ancient knowing
reclaiming the truth of my noble belonging

burning rivers down my cheeks
as my heart returns to the sacred hearth
calling back my spirit
calling back my spirit
calling back the essence of my name

i breathe in your blessed words
i heal in the balm of your haloed words
they fire the passion that rides
the blood red rivers of this my burning veins

and just like that
my heart cracks open
shedding that desperate unknowing skin
revealing a tireless and timeless heart
that boldly beats anew
i am incomparable
i am incomparable

rising swiftly it proudly stands
a giant astride a mountaintop
clear in its conviction
absolute in its affirmation
proclaiming simply this
i am incomparable
and the smiles of a thousand suns shine in my eyes
yes the smiles of a thousand suns shine in my eyes
look what you’ve done look what you’ve done

© BSchouw


NOTE: I wrote this poem after watching slam poets Anis Mojgani and D’bi at the Badilisha Poetry Festaival. Both are powerful performers who strongly advocate the importance of remembering that we are born powerful and gifted beyond imagination. As we grow out of childhood doubt settles in undermining our belief in our selfworth and we forget the legacy of our birthright. But thankfully there are guides who come to remind us who we are. All we need do is listen and remember. Anis and D’bi did this for me. They inspired and helped me see myself again and for this I am deeply grateful. 

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