and when you find me… I dare greatly

i have moved my love to be where you are
beyond the walls of what once I perceived as love’s limited reach
deep inside the passageways of the maze of dreams
i am the wistful path remaining
echoing the faltering steps of uncertainty
catching the soft curve of your sole’s inner-arch
sniffing the elusive air for your scent’s trace
going mad in the yearning for you

and when you find me
my mouth is an empty well in a desert
craving a drink of you
i breathe you in

then wait for that fragile window of time
then wholeheartedness leans in and through
and swings wide open the doors to you
in a flash I slip in
and one again my mouth is lost in your mouth

i resurface
and find myself locked in the fire of your eyes
it is then
i dare greatly

inside its hold and touch
i am a child let loose
a darkling wild at play
a numen roaming the unexplored silence of hills
i am boldness laughing out loud
i am courage voraciously devouring

we circle each other
eyes sparking irrepressible glee
Impudent smiles flash, then dart and dive…. down
and from deep within our gratitudes rise and kiss
suspended on a string of midair
a crystal ball pulsing rainbows
turning on the axis of ceaseless time

it is here I know that daring greatly
is the silken sacred thread woven into the cloth of every skin
it is here I see that searching inside
is the perfect place to begin

© BSchouw 11 September 2013

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