Songololo – 2008)

An inspirational book for children of all ages (0 – 100). It will ignite the flame of passion to follow your dreams.

Book stores/suppliers:

  • Dems (in Rondebosch),
  • The Book Lounge (long Street)
  • Exclusive Books in Cape Town.


Dreamwalking is written by Bettina Schouw and illustrated by Adam Carnegie. Dreamwalking is a light, lyrical telling of a story that is inspired by the many great dreamers of South Africa – from Mark Shuttleworth who dreamt of being the first African in space to Miriam Makeba; from Oscar Pistorius to Nelson Mandela. In the gentle, rhyming text Tina Schouw encourages young readers to never allow anything to diminish their dreams while Adam Carnegie’s vibrant, detailed artwork provides an opportunity for them to explore what dreaming can do! Dreamwalking is a gift to children of all ages, which will ignite in them the necessary flame of desire to follow their dreams.

Watch Tina read an excerpt from the book.


Bettina (‘Tina’) Schouw’s book, “Dreamwalking”, will be finding its way into the Christmas stockings of every South African child I know, especially those who live abroad. This is a truly magical children’s (and adult’s) story book … no more Hansel and Gretel for us, the heroes here have names like Miriam Makeba and Mark Shuttleworth, and stories we identify with. Magnificent rhythm and rhyme, that brought to mind reading, “Green Eggs and Ham” (as an adult)


Dreams and imagination are all part of the magic of childhood (and should still be part of our adult lives, too). Dreamwalking, takes readers on a journey both magical and real. It is an inspiration to young and old to follow their dreams. And this is no fairy tale. Dreamwalking’s heroes are real and they are African: Mark Shuttleworth, the late Miriam Makeba, Nelson Mandela and Oscar Pistorius, all dreamers who defied the naysayers and went on to soar the sky. “Dreams are like birds and birds must fly, their wings were made to soar the sky, and dreams ignored or shut away soon wither and fade in the light of day,” read the story. Accompanied by beautiful colourful illustrations by Adam Carnegie, this is a book in which you can get lost in and float away. And the flowing rhythm and rhyme makes for easy reading and recitation. The book recommends ten useful tips for dreamers: “Believe in your dreams and others will too” and “Tell everybody about your dream, even your dog or cat (they’ll always listen and they’ll never laugh).” Dream walking will inspire you to work on your goals, reawaken old dreams and encourage you to “choose to shine your own light.



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