and so we dance

and so we dance arms stretched high
fingertips touching ceiling of sky
calling up a tidal wave of smiles
dispelling the tension in our worn out faces
washing worry away

and so we dance
painting the walls with liquid laughter
and the heady sweat of letting go
psyches transformed like floating ribbons
flashing purple red green and gold

and so we dance
eyes closed in blissful reverie
addicts high on the opiate twins
rhythm and melody
we dance a passion, a hunger, a dream, a joy
we dance a loss, an anger, a wish, a need
but mostly
yes mostly we dance a joy

and so we dance
the dance of trees
limbs flailing reach extending
wild and wanton
with orgasmic abandon
tangoing in the arms of sky
forever held forever lead
by hand of the master maestro wind
pulling in pushing out
palm firmly pressed
into the damp give of back

and so we dance we glide we flow
we hold on we let go
we let go
we jive we gyrate
we shimmy we shake
we keep moving
to know that we are alive

yes we dance to know
we are dancers encircling our own destiny
and so we dance

© BSchouw 2010

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