A Call to Love

What will it take to discard the lie, that each of us is “other”?

The refusal to set aside the label of “other” and recognise our common humanity, will always lead to the repetition of the devastating story of war. It is incumbent on each of us to summon the courage to stand up and speak out against this ethnic cleansing and genocide, to say “no” to the unfolding story of war on our Palestinian brothers and sisters.

What is clear is the insatiable greed of land-thieves, war-mongers and businesses, profiteering from the unholy sale of arms. What is clear is the bullying done by political puppet-masters, fueled by their insatiable hunger for privilege, power and pelf. What is clear is the destruction wrought by the toxic fear that specific media corporations sew, with its manipulation of narratives to skewer peceptions and project biased stories. This is how the extinction-strings of ordinary men, women and children, of families and communities are deliberately and intentionally pulled; how a nation is targeted, so as to erase their existence from the face of the earth.

Our response, lack thereof, indifference or passivity all have consequences. While we watch from afar or near, the indictment of our deathly muteness…fires the silent bullets of our complicity. The time for fence-sitting is over.

I condemn the genocide, the war on the people of Palestine. I call for Cease Fire Now! End The War. I call for the courage of a Love Revolution! Instead of a call to arms, I summon a “Call to Love.” Not the paper thin, inconsequential, fickle love, carted out for consumerism of Valentine’s-day cards. No! I call on the highest form of Love. Powerful love that harnesses the daring and courage of social justice, equality and dignity for all. Revolutionary Love that rallies the unbreakable tie of spirit that bonds and strengthens communities. Revolutionary Love whose open heart and eyes, sees beyond, ethnicity, race and divisiveness. Revolutionary Love that knows how to mobilise our courage and willpower; how to dig deeply and hold on tightly to the fundamental sense of connection that tells us unequivocally that each one of us are worthy and enough, and have a right to dignity, to be seen, respected and accepted as part of this human family.

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